‘Walking Dead’ Creator’s End-of-the-World Drama Series Will Air in Latin America

Getty Images
Dave Alpert, left, and Robert Kirkman
Nearly a year after setting up end-of-the-world drama Five Year at Korean streaming service Viki, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and his Skybound Entertainment partner Dave Alpert have set up the series in Latin America.Skybound is teaming with TV consulting and production company 360 Powwow to produce Five Year in various Latin American markets.Based on an original story, the pre-apocalyptic series centers on a family living under the threat of a deadly meteor headed toward Earth. It will explore the human condition as people grapple with the knowledge that the Earth as we know it will be destroyed in five years’ time. The series will first be filmed as a Korean drama, with Viki handing out a 16-episode order last February. The series will take place over five years, with Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment president and co-founder Alpert overseeing the drama. A premiere date has not been determined.

“It’s an exciting endeavor for us to embark on the task of developing this property across multiple Latin American markets,” Alpert said. “The Skybound team is thrilled to partner with 360 Powwow, and we look forward to telling this story from the rich cultural perspective of the Latin American community under the guidance and insight of their pedigreed team.”

Skybound TV and film co-president Sean Furst and 360 Powwow CEO Daniel Gutman will be at NATPE in Miami to discuss further development of Five Year as well as international network interest for the drama within Latin America.

“It’s a privilege for Powwow in this Golden Age of scripted television, to partner with the incredibly talented Skybound team and help bring to our territories their new original format after the amazing success of The Walking Dead,” Gutman said.

Kirkman created Five Year after The Walking Dead. The concept had its roots in the idea of society knowing it had a finite end — unlike feature films Armageddon or Deep Impact, both of which explored meteors crashing toward Earth. The series, Alpert told THR last year, is a metaphor for life in which everyone has an “end date,” but nobody likes to think about it. The series will use the family to explore what people would do knowing that the world would end in five years — starting with denial, then acceptance and ultimately their reactions.

For Skybound, Five Year becomes its latest scripted series. The company also produces AMC’s The Walking Dead, prequel Fear the Walking Dead and their companion talk shows. They next have Cinemax’s Outcast, based on Kirkman’s exorcism comic book of the same name.