Rosa is a musical dramedy about an orphan teenager who must use her musical talents and the help of her friends to save the foster home where they all live.

With the classic musicals “Annie” and “Sister Act” as a precedent, Rosa is a coming of age TV series centering on a 14-year-old middle-school student, who due to personal circumstances finds herself inside a foster home overseen by her mother´s old friend Guadalupe. Now, ordinarily middle school is where you meet your BFF, run into your first bully, discover your first crush, and figure out how to maneuver through the judgmental cliques that come with being an adolescent. Rosa will have to come to grips with all of that under the backdrop of discovering more about her family’s past, her new life as an orphan, and her unknown future. Rosa is the narrative of how a struggling tween will use her talents to save a foster home, and how in turn that place will give her the family she thought she would never have again.