5 Year

An average, middle class extended family  deals with changes in their lives and society around them after news of a meteor with the potential to exterminate all life on Earth in five years is reported nationwide. The series will be exactly five seasons long and each season will cover a year of time. At the beginning of Year One/Season One the comet is discovered. At the end of Year Five/Season Five the comet strikes and all human life is extinguished. Each season will correlate with the five stages of grief as our characters face the impending end of the world:
Year One: Denial
Year Two: Anger
Year Three: Bargaining
Year Four: Depression
Year Five: Acceptance
The series  is an intimate drama from the POV of typical families and regular, working class people. They don’t have any inside information and while they may try to survive, ultimately they’re powerless to prevent the tragedy about to befall them.