Challenges in the pandemic

In conversation with 360 Powwow executives discussed the new challenges

According to Daniel Gutman, CEO of 360 Powwow, the current pandemic has put the entire industry to the test and is responding as it corresponds. “We producers are making the decisions to suspend or postpone production operations, consulting permanently with our clients. In all the cases, social responsibility and care for the health of human teams prevailed” he said.

“We suspended a musical children-youth production in Mexico and the pre-production of a great live show. We continue supervising the daily production of a network show in the US and our teams have accelerated the development of other projects we have commitments with. We are more active than ever despite the pandemic,” expressed Leo Lavazza, SVP, Productions.

Adrián Santucho, CCO of 360 Powwow, adds: “with our partners Adam Anders and Isla from Spain we are launching new formats and together with Sinapsis, we are in the pre-production stage of a super ambitious project for the Hispanic market”.

“The pandemic came in a moment of great acceleration of new screens and renovation of existing ones, with an unprecedented demand for new original contents. The virus traveled rapidly around the world, but good content does, too, and this is the best moment in history for that. Amidst the huge amount of tragic news we receive, it is our responsibility to celebrate the appearance of Quibi and the speed with which we all adapt to remote creative collaboration,” ends Gutman.