Caracol, 360 Powwow team for historial drama

Colombian broadcaster Caracol Televisión, US Spanish-language producer 360 Powwow and Madrid-based prodco Isla Audiovisual are codeveloping a historical drama series.

no llegaron solos

No Llegaron Solos is set in the 15th century

No Llegaron Solos is set in the 15th century and follows the life of a young Spanish woman who poses as a man in order to take part in the Spanish conquest of the Americas. On her journey, she comes across several other women who have done the same in order to enjoy the same liberties as men.

Comprising eight to 10 one-hour episodes, the series will be produced by Dago García, Daniel Gutman and Víctor García. It is written by Ana Maía Parra alongside Powwow’s Natacha Caravia and Andrés Gelós and Isla Audiovisual’s Manuel Sanabria.

Isla Audiovisual CEO Víctor García said: “Until now, they have been silenced by history, but nowadays we must make the voices of these women heard, who five centuries ago already demonstrated much more courage, sensitivity and intelligence than many of the men they accompanied.

Caracol, Powwow team for historical drama